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Welcome to The FLN Hub

Resources to help build foundational literacy and numeracy skills for all children around the world.

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What is the
FLN Hub?

This resource hub provides guidance on improving an education system’s capacity to deliver on children’s foundational learning success.

This FLN Hub provides you with an FLN journey that offers:

  • An Evidence Menu that provides evidence-based approaches to improve FLN. This is a good starting point to learn more about the body of research around FLN and identify the most impactful and relevant interventions to address the FLN barriers in your context.
  • The Capacity Builder, which allows you to assess your capacity to effectively implement a selected FLN intervention or approach as well as access recommendations with associated resources to strengthen the capacity to deliver on FLN goals. We are now accepting a limited number of countries to take part in the Capacity Builder. Register here.
  • Learning resources and practical tools across focus areas to further help with implementation: Formative Assessment, Parental Engagement, Early Childhood Education, Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL), Language of Instruction and Digital Learning. These focus areas are at the intersection of demand from education actors and promising evidence-based approaches.

What is our goal?

The FLN Hub aims to support education actors and strengthen systems to deliver learning for children by offering guides, tools, and resources that increase knowledge on FLN challenges and approaches.

To complete an implementation capacity building journey, register for the Capacity Builder for self-directed learning to strengthen delivery of FLN interventions. 

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Explore the FLN Hub

Capacity Builder

Assess your readiness to deliver on a focus area, see recommendations and resources to strengthen your knowledge and capacity to deliver impactful reforms in that area further.

Explore solutions in relation to the focus area in the form of documents, videos, and tools which will share methodologies to help accelerate and strengthen delivery. The Capacity Builder is now open to a limited number of countries.

Evidence Menu

Learn about the strength of evidence behind different approaches that aim to improve FLN, and explore how to operationalize and apply evidence in your context.


Filter the resources by category, such as resource type or geographic area.

Accelerator Program

Find out more about the Accelerator Program. Select countries from the Accelerator Program will have access to tailored support for their delivery capacity building journey.

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